AWFUL: The Alternative Writing Foundation for Unpublished Literature.


All other genres have their organizations, so why can't we? Science Fiction has the SFWA (Science Fiction Writers of America), and now we've got AWFUL. What are our goals here at AWFUL? Well, instead of being the cliched champion of our constituents, providing legal advice and all that other crap that other writers associations rant on and on about, we provide something much better: Tee shirts and cool newsletters!!!

The foundation itself stands as a solitary sentinel among its rival, demanding publishing organizations to aid, promote and bring esteem to the unfortunate ART-ists of the world. We look for only one thing in our submissions, talent. We realize that sometimes it comes in the form of rough-edged, unpolished works, and that is okay with us. We do not wish to be dazzled by how articulate someone's prose can be, but how entertaining the story is (for that is truly square one.)

Our solitary problem at this time is that we are small. Very small. Hell, we're down right miniscule, boasting a present membership of a whopping two members (the editors, themselves.) But, with your help, we can grow. You can give us the numbers and the power to set the conventional writing world on its ear. Our voice can be heard and we can force the world to open its eyes to what writing really is --the story, the talent.

And so you say, "Damn, that sounds cool! How do I join up?" Well, I'm glad you asked.

There are two ways to become a member in good standing of AWFUL: 1. Submit a story, etc. to us and somehow manage to get the thing accepted for publication. That's right, instead of monetary payment, we pay our contributors with something of much higher use and value: We pay in AWFUL memberships. Just get your work accepted and you'll be welcomed in as a lifelong member of AWFUL! This includes the free newsletter, Tee shirt, entrance to the upcoming A.R.T. member's only section and probably something else just as cool, as soon as we figure all this out and get all our crap in one sock.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, the second way to become a member, send us a $25 donation (American dollars) in the form of check or money order to John Stacy Worth or Robert Allen Taylor to the address found on the submission guideline page. Like our oh-so-fortunate contributors, you will receive the entire cornucopia of member goodies. Membership is for the rest of your life, or until this organization goes belly up (ha, ha) whichever comes first.