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Submission Guidelines

Yes, it's true. You can get published on ARTand recieve a free membership to AWFUL. But for all these good things there is a price. There are guidelines...

  1. Any piece of literaure, artwork or any other work submitted to A.R.T., will be assumed by the staff to be original --i.e., if you did not write it, we do not want it. A.R.T. magazine and its editors rests all resposibility of copyright enfringement on the submitter.
  2. At this time we will accept stories in one manner only: by email.(see link below)
  3. All graphic artwork must be submitted just as the literature, via email.
  4. Our response time goes like this: As soon as we read it, we will let you know. (Don't worry, there are two of us, and we both read pretty quick.)
  5. This web-zine practices its right of free speech and we will publish stories with graphic violence, sex and adverse language as long as it pertains to the story. We are not, however, in the pornography business and will not peddle literature that only serves that purpose.
  6. Please no simultaneous submissions. By that I mean, send us one story at a time. If we like your stuff, you'll surely be invited back.
  7. Just give us a good story. We don't care about you regard for etiquette, just make us want to read what you write. It's as simple as that.

You may send stories and graphics to the link below:


Thank you, and good luck.